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Chromebooks for classrooms

Getting Laptops & Chromebooks for Classrooms and the Parts You Need Has Never Been So Easy.

Connectivity in the classroom is a vital part of your school’s education plan, and you need the tools to keep every student connected — all of the time. When you’re looking to buy bulk Chromebooks for K-12, we understand you don’t want to work with inferior products or wait needlessly for parts.

Whether you’re looking for new laptops and Chromebooks, refurbished devices, or you need parts to fix the ones you have, we’re your one-stop-shop for all of your school’s computer needs.

Why Choose Us?

When you work with us, you’ll experience:

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Support with deep product knowlege

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Personalized customer service

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Access to a huge inventory of more than 350k parts in stock

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A hassle-free warranty and return policy

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Same-day order fulfillment for all parts in stock

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Free shipping to schools

At Upper Edge Tech, we’re committed to assisting with the entire laptop/Chromebook life cycle. We help provide teacher and student devices through new or refurbished laptops/Chromebooks, and we also provide replacement parts and in-house Chromebook repairs. When you’re ready to purchase new devices, we offer buy-back options for the older units.

Quit Settling for Mediocre Service — Sourcing Parts Can be Hassle-Free.

Your students and teachers rely on their laptops and Chromebooks to remain connected in the classroom. When their device is out of service, the learning environment is disrupted. But the reality is that students can be especially hard on their devices. Whether they’re slinging them around in a backpack or slamming them shut on a pen, it’s inevitable that devices will break. So having easy access to replacement parts is a must.

Unfortunately, it can be hard to source parts quickly or find someone who can give you the support you need to make a Chromebook repair. Worse yet, when you get the part, it’s often not the right one or in poor condition.

You might find that sourcing laptop and Chromebook parts results in:

  • Unnecessary Delays
  • Inferior Quality Parts
  • Long Lead Times
  • Receiving the Wrong Part(s)

Finding a reliable source for laptops, Chromebooks, and parts can be difficult. We provide quality devices and parts that are readily available and backed by our lifetime guarantee. Instead of shopping at six different vendors, you’ll find everything you need in one place. Your dedicated account manager will always have your back, making sure that you’re getting quality, reliable parts and devices when you need them.

Imagine Getting Exactly the Devices and Parts You Need Without the Hassle.

Instead of wasting time looking for laptops, Chromebooks, and parts and receiving inferior service, you can enjoy unparalleled customer service and receive high-quality hardware when you work with us. At Upper Edge Tech, we’re committed to helping you keep every student and teacher connected all of the time. We know you don’t have time to wait, and neither do your teachers and students.

We help our clients succeed in three distinct ways:

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Your students will stay digitally connected when you enjoy fast and reliable customer service.

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You’ll be empowered to make the best decisions for your school or district when buying devices and/or parts. We advocate for our clients and make sure that you are getting exactly what you need.

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Because we source the majority of our parts through laptop and Chromebook teardowns, we’re able to keep more than 350k parts in stock. This reduces lengthy lead times, which means you don’t have to wait.

Getting Laptops and Chromebooks for Your Classrooms Can Be as Easy as 1-2-3.

Discover what you need.
It starts with a quick conversation where we’ll help you find the right high-quality parts or devices that fit your needs.
Get a quote within 24 hours.
Oftentimes, we’ll even get it to you in just a few minutes.
Get students online.
You get the parts you need, and students get back to learning. It’s as simple as that.

Now More Than Ever Your Teachers and Students Need to Be Connected. Let Us Help.

At Upper Edge Tech, we know that you want your teachers and students to succeed. For that to happen, they need Chromebooks and laptops that work reliably. It’s difficult to find all the parts and devices for classrooms that you need, leaving you frustrated and overwhelmed. Finding reliable parts and devices from a trustworthy vendor should be easier.

We support schools and school districts nationwide with an inventory of almost 360k parts, most of which carry our lifetime guarantee.

We source most of our parts through teardowns, whereas some vendors source primarily from untrustworthy and unreliable overseas suppliers. We’ve been doing it this way for years, and that gives you higher quality parts you can rely on with much shorter lead-times.

Upper Edge Tech has a proven track record:

  • Served clients in 50 states and several foreign countries
  • Helped clients succeed for more than 10 years
  • Assisted more than 600 schools and school districts with their technology needs.

Schools We Serve

“As with all school districts with 1:1 student Chromebook initiatives, devices get broken. We are constantly on the hunt for parts to repair devices and get them back into circulation as quickly as possible for the least impact on learning. Parts are becoming more and more scarce, with longer and longer timeframes for procurement and delivery. UET knew what I was on the hunt for and reached out to me PROACTIVELY to let me know how many they had on hand and when they expected the next shipment! I was able to quickly put together a purchase order and move towards solving this problem. I couldn’t have done it without them.”
Battle Ground Public Schools in WA

Sourcing Laptops, Chromebooks, and Parts Can be Hassle-Free — Let Us Help.

Take the stress out of sourcing devices and replacement parts for your classrooms. Give us a call today — we can help!

The Right Technology Empowers Students to Learn.

For more than a decade, Upper Edge Tech has provided school clients and businesses with quality Chromebooks, laptop parts, and devices that are readily available and backed by our lifetime guarantee. UET is committed to providing the right technology solutions that lead to optimal learning environments for both teachers and students.