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Chromebook and Laptop Repairs

Broken Laptop or Chromebook? Get It Back into Your Teacher’s or Student’s Hands Faster.

Upper Edge Tech’s laptop and Chromebook repair services will provide you with a quick turnaround time to prevent unnecessary downtime. We’re able to achieve that by giving you access to extensive resources:

  • Dedicated tech teams, including an advanced tech team
  • Over 350k parts in inventory
  • Proven processes created specifically for K-12 clients

Our dedicated teams can handle the most complicated repairs. Plus, they have access to our inventory of more than 350K parts, so it’s a lot less likely that you’ll be waiting on parts.

Teacher and student devices must get back into circulation quickly, so students don’t miss out on learning opportunities. We can help end the repair backlog with quick and reliable laptop and Chromebook repairs and parts. Whether you need a few laptop or Chromebook repairs or want us to handle all of your repairs, we can develop a plan so you can keep laptops and Chromebooks out of the repair shop and in students’ hands. Our dedicated teams provide quick and friendly customer service.

Why Choose Us?

Our experts can make just about any repairs you need, including:

Chromebook motherboard replacement

Chromebook motherboard repair

Chromebook cracked screen replacement

Chromebook keyboard replacement

Chromebook battery replacement

Chromebook repair troubleshooting

Outsourcing your Chromebook and laptop repairs has never been easier with more comprehensive services. We’re committed to helping you get laptops and Chromebooks back in the hands of students so their learning is not disrupted.

A Broken Computer Can Mean Lost Learning. Do You Have the Time to Repair It?

Now more than ever, teachers, parents, and students are relying on technology to enhance and support the learning environment. And while the workload has grown, your in-house resources may not have. The IT department in schools is often under-resourced. Whether there’s not enough manpower to keep up with the demand or a lack of training and expertise to perform complicated repairs, keeping laptops and Chromebooks in the students’ hands can be challenging.

You might be feeling overwhelmed, finding that repairs are:

  • In High Demand
  • Complicated
  • Time-Consuming

Whatever the issue, the fact is that the longer a computer sits in the repair shop, the more likely that a student’s education suffers.

Our Dedicated Team is Here to Help You Keep Your Laptops & Chromebooks Up & Running.

Our outsourcing services for schools are designed to keep your devices operating and your stress low. Whether you want us to service all of your repairs or just the most complicated repairs, we’ll provide you with unparalleled support.

When you work with us, you’ll:

Work with Reliable Teams

We have dedicated tech teams whose sole purpose is to repair and refurbish laptops and Chromebooks.

Get High-Level Expertise

We can handle the most complicated repairs (i.e. Chromebook motherboard replacement or repairs)

Enjoy Quick Turnaround

We have more than 350k Chromebook and laptop parts in stock, so we have immediate access to many hard-to-find parts. This often expedites the repair process, saving you time.

Reclaim Your Time. Let Us Take the Stress Out of Sourcing Laptop and Chromebook Repair and Parts.

Discover what you need.
It starts with a quick conversation where we’ll determine your outsourcing repair needs.
Get a quote within 24 hours.
Oftentimes, we’ll even get it to you in just a few minutes.
Get students online.
Your laptops and Chromebooks get repaired, and students get back to learning. It’s as simple as that.

Our Experts Can Make Chromebook and Laptop Repairs Easy For You.

At Upper Edge Tech, we know that you want students to succeed. For that to happen, they need Chromebooks and laptops that work reliably. With increasing demands for student connectivity, it’s challenging to keep up. You care about your students and their education, but you may be frustrated and overwhelmed at the lack of resources to get the job done.

Upper Edge Tech can help. Our reliable and proven laptop and Chromebook repair services for schools can be tailored to meet your needs, whether you want us to handle all repairs or just a few of the more complicated ones. We can serve as an extension of your in-house team and help reduce your repair backlog.

Upper Edge Tech has a proven track record:

  • Served clients in all 50 states
  • Helped clients succeed for more than 10 years
  • Assisted more than 600+ schools with their technology needs

Schools We Serve

UET is, without question, a vendor of integrity. There is no “sales pitch”, there is relationship building from day one. As a school district Technology Purchasing Agent, UET has become one of my top three vendor quote requests because I can rely 100% on a swift, accurate, transparent response on ETA’s, cost and shipping.
Battle Ground Public Schools
Technology Purchasing Agent
Run, don’t walk, to add UET to your vendor list. You will be over the top impressed with their agility, honesty, transparency, and follow up. You will be building a lasting relationship without the sales pitch, and have a teammate. That is what makes UET stand out to me.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Eliminate Your Laptop and Chromebook Repair Backlog?

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your laptop and Chromebook repairs and parts.

About Upper Edge Tech

For more than a decade, Upper Edge Tech has been providing schools and repair shops with quality Chromebook and laptop parts that are readily available and backed by our lifetime guarantee. The right technology empowers students to learn, and Upper Edge Tech is committed to helping schools buy and maintain teacher and student devices for their classrooms.